A high-quality, balanced and versatile ski for ladies which is mainly suitable for short turns at low to medium speeds.

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Vist VSP 412 (DIN: 4 - 12, weight range: 36 - 120 kg, weight of the binding: 860 g, height: 30 mm) + plate Speedcom

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Full sidewall construction, light wood core, quality sintered racing base, quality steel edges 48° HRC, ABS sidewall, damping: anti-vibration 0,2 mm rubber tape, lamination: two biaxial and one triaxial prepreg carrier layer and the stiffener, topsheet: quality structured polyamide topsheet


Short / Medium / Long


On piste / Alround / Freeride


Carving / Universal / Skidding


Race / Sport / Relaxed


A high-quality, balanced and versatile ski for ladies which is mainly suitable for short turns at low to medium speeds. Thanks to an all-wood core made of the light Paulownia wood and a classic full sidewall construction, the ski is lighter and more willing to bend during the turn. It makes skiing easier even for lighter female skiers but at the same time it keeps sufficient stability for rides on a hard surface. The LL 76 is an ideal choice for a wide range of women skiers from beginners to advanced recreational riders. It likes carved turns, but it will also do a good job for those who prefer skidding. Thanks to its width, the ski easily handles chopped up snow and even easy off-piste terrain. A sportier alternative of this women's ski is the LP 76.

How they ride:
"This ski is amazing for women skiers who do not look for an aggressive dynamic ride, but who prefer riding for pleasure and who use weekends in the mountains mainly for recharging their batteries and who prefer relaxing while skiing. It took me a long time to develop a taste for this ski, but then I tried just to tilt my legs and calmly make a turn and that was the thing. The ski is calm and although it doesn't contain any Titanal and contains light wood (which you'll surely appreciate when carrying the skis from your car to the ski lift), you feel that you wear skis that you can really push hard and that will support you. This ski is very similar to LL 72 and therefore even my feelings during the ride were very similar and the difference is mainly in the turn length and speed."



141 cm

148 cm

155 cm

162 cm

WIDTH (tip-waist-tail; mm)

129 - 76 - 111

129 - 76 - 111

129 - 76 - 111

129 - 76 - 111







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