Frequently asked questions

On what skis can I apply your read-made graphics?

If you chose some of our ready-mady graphics, it can be applied to all our skis. Of course the final appearance may slghtly vary. If you prefer custom graphics, you can build your own unique graphics.

Are there any limits of what can be printed on the skis?

Yes. We will refuse any graphics conflicting with intelectual property rights, ethics or good manner. If you would like to use private brand, copyright or piece of art, you need to obtain approval from the copyright owner / author. Besides that we can print pretty much everything (photos, pictures, names, etc) similarly to regular printing.

Where do you produce the skis?

All our skis are produced in top quality and reliable manufacturer Lusti based in Žacléř, Czech Republic. All skis are proven by thousands of customers. You will get a great quality at reasonable costs. 

What is the average delivery time?

Average production and delivery time is 1 month. In summer we can get it done faster, in winter we sometime get quite busy. The lead time varies according to certain skis. We always advise expected delivery time in advance.

What is the quality of your skis?

Perfect, for sure! You will get a great quality at reasonable costs. Our reliable manufacturer Lusti is producing 6.000+ pairs of skis annually. All skis are proven by thousands of customers.

Is there a warranty?

Of course! We provide 2 years warranty which applies on all our products - even if it is a custom graphics!

Can I provide graphics that was designed by my own designer?

Surely. It is fully up to you. You can either use services of our experienced graphic designer or find your own provider. If you are experienced, you can build your own graphics yourself. 

How do you ship the skis?

Shipping is free within the EU. We also organize overseas shipments - the shipping costs will be advises based on your request. We choose the most reliable courier services and pay attention to proper packaging. If the skis get damaged in transport, we will reimburse you or send new skis. 

What colors I should choose?

You can select any colors that can be printed out by a regular printer. It is better to avoid silver, golden and similar shiny colors that can't be easily reproduced. 

Can I purchase skis with no bindings?

Yes. You can order a plain ski. If you prefer some other binding that can't be found on our pages, reach out to us. We will look at it for you.

Are your skis different from the regular Lusti skis?

Apart from the custom graphics there are no differences, it is always the same ski, same quality. Our added value is the unique graphics.

What should I do if I am not happy with the final product?

If you are not happy with our product, please reach out to us immediately. We will do our best to find suitable solution. Happy customers is our nr. 1 priority.

Is it possible to try out some of your skis?

Yes. Search the manufacturer's website for the testing events or sellers who sometime rent the skis for testing purposes. Get more details here:

I already purchased the skis. How can I approve my skiing technique? :-)

I am a longtime ski instructor. At we organize ski camps in Austria, Italy and Czechia. See you on the slopes!

Is it possible to apply a new graphics to my old equipment? 

Yes, but it is not recommended. We can peel of the old topsheet and replace it with the new one. But it very time consuming and difficult process and we can't 100% guarantee the final look and quality.

Is there any logo / brand name on the skis?

No, we don't place any logos or product names on the skis, unless you explicitly ask us to do so.