A nicely carved ski, with the widest tip point moved towards the waist. A 35 cm long free rocker and a camber. Slightly lifted tail and an overall softer construction. With an excellent weight this ski is a great option both for free ski touring and skiing on well-groomed slopes.

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Vist VSP 412 (DIN: 4 - 12, weight range: 36 - 120 kg, weight of the binding: 860 g, height: 30 mm) + plate Speedspacer

You can choose other binding - see available options. If you choose other binding, please leave us a comment in your order. The price may vary according to your selection. Final price is always confirmed prior to your payment.


Full sidewall construction, light wood core, quality sintered racing base, quality steel edges 48° HRC, ABS sidewall, damping: anti-vibration 0,2 mm rubber tape, lamination: two biaxial prepreg carrier layer and the stiffener, topsheet: quality structured polyamide topsheet


Short / Medium / Long


On piste / Alround / Freeride


Carving / Universal / Skidding


Race / Sport / Relaxed


A nicely carved ski, with the widest tip point moved towards the waist, a 35-cm-long free rocker, a camber as far as the slightly lifted tail and with an overall softer construction. Add an excellent weight and you have a great ski both for free ski touring and for skiing on chopped up slopes.

The tip of the ski is designed to glide efficiently over snow and thanks to its length of 10 cm under the binding it is an ideal choice for easy freerides or for skiing down steep glens, where these parameters provide you with ideal stability. A camber extending as far as the tail guarantees accuracy in short turns on steep slopes, but the ski mostly excels at medium turns in off-piste terrain or on the ski slope.

Recommended length for ski touring and freeride: a person's height plus up to 10 cm.

How they ride:
"An ideal choice, especially thanks to a combination of the ski's ultra-low weight and width, when I want to climb up somewhere and then go downhill in an open terrain. The ski has a non-twin-tip design and thus it has a better adhesion thanks to a flat tail."



168 cm

178 cm

188 cm

WIDTH (tip-waist-tail; mm)

128 - 100 - 117

130 - 100 - 118

130 - 100 - 120






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